Important Linux Admin interview questions

Posted: 14 Aug 2015 in Question Paper
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Here i am going to write a list of Linux Admin Interview Questions.If you are reading this article I will request you to add more questions to it using comment sections and if possible also  write correct answers of these questions,In this way you can help thousands of  people who are trying to start their career in linux admin field.

What is vps?
What is mbr?
boot process of linux?
How to check ram in cache?
What is difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption?
What is ip?
difference b/w shell and terminal?
Why linux is secure?
Why we use samba?

How to send mail in postfix to a user C through user B ?
Tell me about /etc/resolve.conf?
Which ip is used in website?
Why we use router?
What is firewall?
What is LVM?
difference b/w rhel6/7?
Which filesystem is used in linux?
What is DHCP lease?
Difference b/w L2 and L3 switch?
when we do ssh why it ask for yes/no check?
where did linux commands get stored?
alternatives of apache?
How many bits encrypted in md5?
difference b/w 32 bit and 64 bit processor?
what is cloud computing?
what is extended partition?
type of partitions in linux?
what is master dns?
what is slave dns?
what is proxy server?
what is squid server?
Tell me the steps to make a website live on internet?
Why we use DHCP Server, and how a linux machine get ip from a DHCP server?
How to upgrade an ext2 filesystem to ext3 without data loss in linux?
How to create a user with specified path in Linux?
How to create a user with a specific id in linux?
What does chfn command do?
How to add a user to a group?
How to remove a user from a group?
How will you change a group name?



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