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Here today in this tutorial we will learn how to setup and configure VLAN on cisco switches.We will learn how to create VLANs and Ports.We will also learn how to Remove VLANs and ports. Troubleshooting tips related to VLANs.How to assign vlan membership and we also learn how to convert connection link to trunk.But before configuring VLAN,I will love to inform you that you don’t need to configure VLAN untill or unless your network get so large and have so much traffic.I have seen so many people configuring and using VLAN only because the network they are working on was already using them.

Note:by default all the devices coonected with a switch are in VLAN 1.

So you dont need to do anything to use switch for your connectivity, you just have to connect your devices with switch ports and you are in network.

A VLAN is a broadcast domain formed by switches.

VLAN’s provide better performance for medium and large LAN’s.

A trunk port is a special port that runs ISL or 802.1q so that it can carry traffic from more than one VLAN. (more…)