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When you are working as a Network Engineer or Network Administrator  the main problem you facing is the security of switch.We  can Protect switch by enabling password and console password protection but the main problem come when we think about Cisco switches Ports which are open for all.When we want to take total control of our switch port that who can access the port and who will not, then we need to configure switch port security. Switch port is a function available in cisco switch which provides facility to control and secure switches ports. (more…)

In this article we will learn how to provide port security to cisco switches.As we all know bydeafult switches ports are on and hence there is always a risk that some intruders or someone evil minded in your department who is in physicaly in touch of your switches can do something harmful or disaster.By using port security a network admin can bind port with device mac-addresses and hence no any other device can be now connected on that port.In this way we can put a limit that only an authorised device can access the port.

Here in this article i will mention how to configure port security on cisco switches step wise. (more…)