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ospf routing configuration lab in packet tracer using Subnetting.

This is an IP subnetting lab with examples showing how to configure OSPF Routing with subnetted IP.Here for example i have taken a class C IP and subnetted it. You can clearly see the subnetting in below image.

Using subnetting i have Divided Network in to 8 Parts as you can see in below subnetting chart.

Now if you want to communicate these ip with each other then you need to configure Routing. and here I have used OSPF routing for example to show the communication using subnetting.

IP Subnetting with OSPF Routing Configuration Explained: Packet Tracer Lab

IP subnetting lab with examples



As we know RIPv2 support routing with subnetting.So here in this lab we are going to configure RIPv2 using subnetting and you can understand the complete scenario with help of  below diagram and codes.

This entire tutorial will guide you how to implement subnetting to RIPv2 and show you how to configure RIPv2 easily with subnneted address.