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In the world of computer  data is more important and with increase in internet users it’s increasing very fast and hence now storing data is most challenging task.Now it is not good to store your data on single drive when you know your data is important,because in case of disk failure your data will loss and it will be a huge disaster.So in place of storing data on a single disk it will be intelligent decision to store your data on multiple disk such that if one disk fails your data is still safe on second disk.

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How to configure and Delete LVM in Linux.

There are two technology or you can say there are two methods commonly used to store data on multiple disk:

(1)One is to strore data on multiple disk through RAID and

(2)other is through LVM.

Since LVM provides us more flexblity  in handling disk and managing data,so most of us prefer configuring LVM.

In This article i have mentioned how to create and configure mirrored logical we learn the fundamental concept of LVM Mirroring and also learn to create,manage ad maintain LVM mirror in Linux in few simple steps. (more…)