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If you are a network engineer or preparing for a network admin or networking related exam like CCNA,you must know how to control the traffic in and out of a cisco router using an access list(ACL).Once you understand the basic concept of ACL then it is very easy to configure it.Today here in this article we will learn basic concept of ACL and will also learn how to configure ACL on Cisco Router to control the traffic in a if you want to understand ACL in few simple words then you can say that it is a network security protocol which denies or permits traffic between networks. Using ACL we can block or we can  allow certain end users(pc,laptop,printers etc) accessing some network resources . Today we will go through ACL configuration with an example using Packet Tracer.To understand ACL working,concept and its configuration i have taken an example in which i have taken 1 router and 6 pc.You can see the network topology diagram below. (more…)