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In this article i am going to show you how to create Digital certificate using openssl command line tool.we will also learn how to generate 4096 bit Private key using RSA Algorithm and we will also learn how to create self signed ROOT CA Certificate through which we will provide an Identity for ROOT CA.
We will learn how to generate an another 4096 bit Private key which will be used to generate our subordinate CA which will used for actual signing.

We will also learn how to request a certificate for subordinate CA. We will also also learn how to decode certificates on your own computer, run this OpenSSL command.

I will show you how to check a certificate and key before applying them to your server.We will learn to Check the SSL key and verify the consistency.

We will also learn how to Check a certificate and return information about it (signing authority, expiration date, etc.).

Also see how to Verify the CSR and print CSR data filled in when generating the CSR.