Network Security Training

Students will be able to identify security breaches in a computer network
Students will be able to discuss major issues concerning computer security.
Students will know how to use standard security tools to locate and fix security leaks in a computer network.
Students will have an understanding of a variety of cryptographic algorithms and protocols underlying network security applications.
Students will have an understanding of system-level security issues.

Major Topics

Security Concepts and Terminology
TCP/IP and OSI Network Security
Access Control Issues (Packet Filters, Firewalls)
Communication Security (OSI Layer Security Protocols)
Security Tools
System Security – Intruders and Viruses
E-mail and Web Security


Kali Install

Networking Concept
Network Fundamentals

Network Protocols – ICMP/HTTP/DHCP/DNS Theory

Network Protocols – ICMP/HTTP/DHCP/DNS Lab Using Cisco Packet Tracer

Network Protocols – ARP/FTP/SMTP/IMAP/POP3 Theory

Network Protocols – ARP/FTP/SMTP/IMAP/POP3 Lab using Cisco Packet Tracer

Network Protocols – DHCP+DNS+SMTP+POP3+FTP+HTTP Combined Lab

Network Devices(Router/Switches/bridge/HUB/Brouters/Wi-Fi devices)

Special and Reserved IPv4 Addresses

Host Based Analysis

Windows Based Ananlysis

Linux Based Analysis

End Point Security Technology

Security Monitoring and Attack Methods

Network and Host Telemetry

Types of Attacks and Vulnerablities


Network Address translation

Static Translation

High Availablity

firewall in data center

Virtual firewalls

personal firewalls

secure your router just in a single Command.

RADIUS authentication


Resolving IPv6 L3 to L2 MAC ADDRESSES

Learn to Configure the IOS Firewall on cisco router.

DHCP Snooping Attack and Learn how to stop such attacks.

OSPF MD5 authentication

OSPF simple text authentication
EIGRP Authentication
RIP Clear Text Authentication
RIP md5 Authentication

IPSEC site to site vpn on cisco router

configure vpn over routers
proxy server telnet
proxy server ssh
proxy server web
virtual server
IP Based Security
Network based Security
Time Based Security
Connection Based Security
Load based Security
IP Per System Based Security

Firewall DMZ

Access Review

Access revocation

Password Management

Password Creation

Password Storage and Password Transmission

Password Reset

Password Synchronization

Network packet capture



Host telemetry

Logs from users endpoints

Logs from servers

Security Monitoring and Encryption

Security Monitoring and TOR

Security Monitoring and Peer to Peer communication

Types of Attacks

Social Engineering


Code execution

MAN in Middle Attacks

DOS Attacks

DDOS Attacks

Direct DDOS Attacks

Password Attacks

Wireless Attacks

Route manipulation Attacks

Privilege escalation Attacks

Botnets Participating in DDOS Attacks

Reflected DDOS Attacks

ARP cache Poisoning
NetFlow Configuration Lab