linux for beginner

what is linux ?
what is kernel ?
Linux based operating system
what is shell  and types of shells
what is command line interface ?
what is graphical user interface ?
how to add  and delete a user in linux?
how to enable or disable a user in linux ?
change user information

changing users shells

how to add and remove a group in linux ?
how to modify a user in linux ?

how to switch a user in linux ?
how to logout from a user ?
what is clear command ?
how to change a password in linux ?

how to assign Blank Password

1. date
date formats
how to change date in linux machine

2. cal
how to see a calendar of a specific month
how to see a calendar of a specific year

3. echo
who to change the text color in terminal
color in echo command
special character in echo command and how to use them

4. bc
the basic and advance calculation using bc command
log in bc command
sin,cos,ten,cot,sec,cosec in bc

5. pwd
present working directory

6. cd
change directory

7. touch
how to modify timestamp of a file.

input/output redirection in Linux
standard input
standard output
standard error

copy paste in linux

cut paste in linux
check memory information

check cpu information

check swap memory

check runnig process in linux

disk management in linux

Compression Decompression using below command line tools
Bzip, bunzip, gzip, gunzip, tar, zip command