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Telnet configuration on Cisco switch using IPv6. As we already Know how to configure telnet on cisco switch using IPv4,But here in this article we will configure cisco switch to work as a Telnet Server using IPv6 which is a 128 bit address.Here for IPv6 telnet Configuration i have taken Multilayer Cisco switch.To understand the IPv6 telnet Configuration you must have to go throughout this article.

ipv6 and telnet


Telnet is used as a remote login program.If you want to login to a machine which is far away from you,you must have to use a remote login program and telnet is one of them.Telnet is a remote connection protocol which works on port 23.Here in this article to test remote login through telnet i have used packet tracer software.In this article i have mentioned all the possible way to configure telnet on router or switch.If anyone know some more ways to configure telnet on a router or a switch i will be very happy to know t from our comment section. (more…)