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If you have done your CCNA,you already familiar with the term OSPF and you also know how to configure it,but if you are new to networking you can learn about ospf along with it’s configuration from my blog.Today here i am going to discuss about how to configure ospf authentication on routers.OSPF can authenticate every OSPF message. This is usually done to prevent a rogue router from injecting false routing information and therefore causing a Denial-of-Service attack.

Two types of authentication method that can be used are:

1. clear text authentication clear text passwords are used,which is not more secure.

2. MD5 authenticationMD5 authentication is used. This type of authentication of more secure.

IMPORTANT NOTEwith OSPF authentication turned on, routers must pass the authentication process in order to become OSPF neighbors.

Here in this Lab we will learn how to configure clear text authentication method to secure ospf messages. (more…)