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In this tutorial we will learn the basics of NAT like NAT introduction,Advantages of NAT,Disadvantages of NAT,Types of NAT and NAT configuration;

NAT stands for Network Address Translation. Bydefault Private IP Address can’t access internet because internet uses public ip address.So if you want to access internet from a private ip address you must configure NAT.
NAT is used to communicate public ip address with private ip address and vice versa.
NAT allows a single device like Router to act as a agent between the Internet and Local Network.
So all IP Address Translations take place at Router. (more…)

In this tutorial we will learn how to configure STATIC NAT in router using cisco packet tracer.To show you how to configure static nat on routers here i am using cisco packet tracer software to demonstrate the lab with an example.

Using NAT we can hide real ip address,we can translate private ip address to public ip address and vice versa.As we all know in internet only public ip addresses are used and some ip in every class has been reserved for use in LOCAL AREA CONNECTION say LAN and these ranges of ip are known as Private IP Address.Private Addresses can only be used in LAN and it can’t be used in internet.But our PC with private address can communicate with PC or Machine having public ip address using NAT(Network Address Translation). (more…)