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In this tutorial we will learn how to create encrypted partition in linux and at the same time we will also learn how to create mapping of encrypted partition in linux.One who want to secure his data by encrypting his hard drive can be done very easily after reading this article.

This article will show you step wise methods to encrypt a partition in redhat enterprise linux using cryptsetup command.We are using LUKS which is standard for linux hard disk encryption in this tutorial.

LUKS stands forĀ  Linux Unified Key Setup.

LUKS stores it information in partition header and enable the user to transport his/her data seamlessly and is free.

Using LUKS we will learn how to unmount to secure our data.

Using LUKS we will also learn how to mount or remount encrypted partition in linux.

We will also learn how to change LUKS password or passphrase for encrypted partition. (more…)