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I found many people facing Kali Linux Update and Upgrade problem because of incorrect mirror list or incorrect link.So i have decided to write a detail article on this and solving this problem.

Even many people can upgrade and update their Kali Linux Files and Software’s but they are also facing a new kind of problem and that is slow internet in there Kali Linux.Even they have 4G Network or Optical Fiber Connection they can’t update or Upgrade there Kali Linux with that speed and they are still updating with 15 Kb/s or 26 Kb/s which is quite slow. So this article is also solution of this second problem.And after reading this article you will be easily able to update your Kali Linux with Full Speed.I am going to write all the Process step wise and in some simple form to make you understand in easy fashion.Now without wasting a single moment i am going to show you the complete Upgrade and Update Process of Kali Linux with Updated Mirror List,Proper Link, Configuration File to edit and Finally the Proof of Speed of Up-gradation and Updation.

I have also included Kali Linux 2018.2 latest repository required for kali linux proper update and upgrade. (more…)