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Learn how to configure IPSEC site to site vpn on cisco router using cisco Packet Tracer.As we all know IPsec provides secure transmission of sensitive data over unprotected networks like internet.So what actually IPsec does is it acts at the network layer which means its working in network layer of TCP/IP model and protecting sensitive data and authenticate IP packets only between participating IPsec devices like cisco routers. here in this IPSEC Example lab Router0 and Router1 is is participating in IPsec peers.So in this activity or in this lab i will configure these two routers to support a site to site IPsec VPN for traffic flowing from their respective LANs.

While configuring this lab I consider that everyone who is going to configure this lab must know how to assign ip address on router interfaces and if you don’t you can read my articles on  How to assign ip address on Router interfaces..

ipsec configuration