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This is a Complete Tutorial or you can say a complete Guide showing you how to¬† Install Configure GNS3 in your Windows7/8/10 machine and also you will learn how to add or integrated¬† router ios image or switch ios images with GNS3. So if you are learning ccna ccna security ccnp or ccna cyber ops then this tutorial will help you to perform your all labs on real router ios.Not only this but you will also learn how to attach pc hub and switches in GNS3 and how to assign ip address on PC in GNS3 along with gateway ip. Many people failed to assigned gateway ip to PC in GNS3 so i have included that part also.You will also learn how to use Router in GNS3 and how to configure Router in GNS3 including ip address assignment.I have also include few Networking Projects with the help of GNS3. (more…)