OpenSUSE Training

openSUSE and some on SUSE Enterprise Linux training.Both Online and Classroom training available at reasonable rate.

openSUSE Online Training course is designed to make you expert in working with openSUSE Linux Administration.

Installation OpenSUSE
File and Folder management in SUSE Linux
disk dumping in suse Linux
User management in Linux
Group management in Linux
Permission in Linux
Attributes in Linux
Vim security
tar command line tool in Linux
gzip and bzip2 compression/decompression
zip compression/decompression tool
tar cwith gzip and bzip2
Manage File System in SUSE Linux
Package management in SUSe
Network Setting in SUSE Linux
Hostname related Settings
swap file creation
swap partition creation
temporary and permamnent mount
physical volume
volume group
lvm management
RAID Configuration
RAID0 Striped disk array without fault tolerance – Requires a minimum of two disks to be implemented.
RAID1 Mirroring & Duplexing – Requires a minimum of two disks to be implemented.
RAID4 Independent data disks with shared parity disk – Requires a minimum of three disks to implement.
RAID5 Independent data disks with distributed parity blocks – Requires a minimum of three disks to be implemented.
RAID6 Independent data disks with two independent distributed parity schemes – Requires a minimum of four disks to be implemented.
RAID10 Very high reliability combined with high performance – Requires a minimum of four disks.
telnet server configuration.
SSH server Configuration
SSH and Public Key Authentication
NTP Configuration
Setting up NFS in SUSE Linux
Installing Apache web server
FTP Server Configuration
VNC Server and VNC Client
Mail server Configuration

syslog server configuration in open-SUSE
Firewall configuration in SUSE Linux