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Access Mobile Webcam,Microphone and Get Mobile Location using Kali Linux using STROM Breaker.

As we all already know CamPhish – Control Front Camera of Mobile and PC and you can do that using Kali Linux and Termux. But If your Camphish link is not generated no need to worry. I have solution for that. I have found and tested another similar software for that.

ngrok direct link is not working on camphish Problem solved using this tool. Seriously this is an excellent hacking tool to hack webcam & trace mobile location and device information by just sending a link. 

Direct link is not generated in termux ? Then watch below video. You will get alternative tool for that.

Features of This Tool:

Get Device Information Without Any Permissions

Access Location [SMARTPHONES]

Os Password Grabber [WINDOWS-10]

Access Webcam

Access Microphone

Strom-Breaker an Alternative for Camphish.

#git clone
# cd Storm-Breaker
# bash
#python3 -m pip install -r requirments.txt
# sudo python3

Cisco Packet Tracer Lab Test: CCNA First week Test Paper

The total Number of HOST in a Subnet is 14 For a Class B network.

Find the 6th subnet and use it for the lab.
The ip address of 6th Subnet will be divided equally among two users Ajay and Murli.

Odd IP Address will be assigned to Murli and Even Address will assigned to User Ajay.

Each User have two Packet Tracer one for server and other For Client pc. In Total 4 packet Tracer including Both users.

And all these Packet Tracers will be connected with each other.

DHCP DNS FTP server will be assigned even ip address and HTTP ,Email Server will be assigned odd IP Address.

Each server has a domain name.
Also each client pc has a domain name.

there will total 4 PC equally distributed among Both users and will be used for sending emails.