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Simplest method to connect two Network using Router: Cisco Packet Tracer Lab.

Learn how to communicate computers from different network with each other.

Let’s Learn connecting two PC from Different Network with each other.

This is an Example Lab Showing Basic Network communication using Cisco Packet Tracer.

We have two networks here total: and

This will be your First Routing Lab in CCNA.

This Packet Tracer Lab is meant to make you understand the Basic Concept of Routing.

Routing is required Only when there is any Indirectly Connected network available.

For Directly Connected Network we don’t need to configure any Routing, just assign ip address and gateway ip and that is enough.

Just by reading this article you will understand why we need routing and why we not.


RIP Routing Lab with 5 Routers: Cisco Packet Tracer Lab.

This Lab is all about RIP Routing Configuration. I have taken total 5 Routers to demonstrate this Routing Lab using Cisco Packet Tracer. Since this lab is focused on RIP routing, I will mention RIP routing Configuration steps only and no ip address basic things. I want to assume here that you already know how to assign ip address on routers. But If You don’t know i have already written article on that.


Static Routing lab with 5 Routers: Cisco Packet tracer Lab.

As you can clearly see in this cisco packet tracer lab i have taken total 5 Routers and 6 Networks:

I am going to show you how to configure static routing with this Example Lab.Here I assume that you know how to configure IP Address on PC and Routers. This lab is simply focused on static Routing.