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This is my first tutorial on Firewall configuration in Linux using IPTABLES. In this tutorial we will learn how to use and configure iptables to secure any server or any network.We will learn to secure server and network infrastructure. Firewall is an integrated part of computer system or Network infrastructure designed to allow authorized communication and block unauthorized access.We will learn how to allow any specific ip using iptables and also learn how to deny any specific ip address.

.We will learn how to see list of iptables rules.

.We will also learn how to Flush iptables rules.

.we will also set default rules for firewall.

.We will learn to allow internal traffic on loopback device.

.We also learn how to allow established connections.

.We see rules to Lock all NULL Packets.

.We will also learn to Block XMAS Packets using Iptables.


This is a cisco packet tracer lab showing how to backup and restore router configuration using a ftp server.So in this tutorial we will learn how to take backup of router configuration over a ftp server and how to restore it back from ftp server when we need it.This is a detail tutorial about router configuration backup and restoration using ftp server,but instead of FTP server one can use TFTP server too. (more…)

apache securityIn this tutorial we will learn how to configure web security in Red hat Enterprise Linux.This tutorial is for everyone using Linux machine.Whenever you are using a Dedicated Server or a VPS Server and he/she has installed a Linux OS on his Machine then you must know how to secure your Apache Web Server to protect it from any kind of hacking.In this tutorial we will discuss how to Disable Directory Listing,Disable the Server signature,make use of right user and group,ensure that Apache web server info is disabled,Block certain ip or network,Disable banner and Disable Trace HTTP Request.using this method one can easily protect his/here web server from few hacking attacks but it is not 100% secure it only increases the level of security.


Learn to configure HTTP SERVER or Apache Web Server in RHEL5 or RHEL6. This tutorial is all about Web server configuration in Linux.Here we are using Apache service as web service.Configuration of Apache web server in RHEL5 and RHEL6 are very similar.So if you know how to configure Apache web server on Redhat Enterprise Linux5 then you can easily do the same for Redhat Enterprise Linux 6.The configuration of Apache Web server on RHEL 7 machine is very different from RHEL5 and RHEL6.I will write a separate and dedicated article on Apache Web server configuration on RHEL7.I have also included Apache Interview Questions with Answers.So if you are preparing for a linux Administrator Interview then this tutorial is for you and will help you to crack your Linux Admin Interview.If you face any more questions apart from this you can ask me though comment section.I will try to include your question with answer and update mt article.


One to One online training for ccna, ccnp ,ccna-security, linux Administration, Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking ,Advance Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing training with kali Linux,Wordpress ,SEO and many More Training by Satish Tiwary. I Provide One to One Training on all these modules. I also Provide Classroom training on all these mentioned Modules at My Center Ethical hacking Tuition center Jaipur.The Training Fees for Indian student will be slightly lesser than Online training. Group Discount will be available for all students whether  he is taking online training or classroom training.

ethical hacking training (more…)

I found many people facing Kali Linux Update and Upgrade problem because of incorrect mirror list or incorrect link.So i have decided to write a detail article on this and solving this problem.

Even many people can upgrade and update their Kali Linux Files and Software’s but they are also facing a new kind of problem and that is slow internet in there Kali Linux.Even they have 4G Network or Optical Fiber Connection they can’t update or Upgrade there Kali Linux with that speed and they are still updating with 15 Kb/s or 26 Kb/s which is quite slow. So this article is also solution of this second problem.And after reading this article you will be easily able to update your Kali Linux with Full Speed.I am going to write all the Process step wise and in some simple form to make you understand in easy fashion.Now without wasting a single moment i am going to show you the complete Upgrade and Update Process of Kali Linux with Updated Mirror List,Proper Link, Configuration File to edit and Finally the Proof of Speed of Up-gradation and Updation.

I have also included Kali Linux 2018.2 latest repository required for kali linux proper update and upgrade. (more…)