NTP Authentication Configuration Lab using cisco packet tracer

Posted: 29 Oct 2017 in Network Security
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This tutorial is all about NTP Authentication configuration on cisco router.to perform this lab i have used cisco packet tracer Lab.To ensure that erroneous time information is not propagated throughout the network, NTP authentication can be configured.

ntp authentication

Step 1:First Design the Topology diagram and assign IP Addreses.

assign ip address on router interface and server as i have mentioned in Topology diagram.And wait till all port show green signal.

Step 2: Configure Both NTP Server with key 1 and password is redhat.

ntp server

Step 3:Now configure Router D as NTP Client of Both NTP Server.


D(config)#clock timezone CST -6

D(config)#ntp server

D(config)#ntp server


STEP 4:Now  configure NTP authentication on RouterD:


D(config)#ntp authentication-key 1 md5 redhat

D(config)#ntp trusted-key 1

D(config)#ntp server  key  1


Note that authentication-key must be same on the both NTP Devices.


Step 5:Verify NTP to see current date and time.


D#show clock

9:25:43.712 CST Sun Oct 29 2017

Step 6:Check the status of NTP synchronization.


D#show ntp status

Clock is synchronized, stratum 2, reference is

nominal freq is 250.0000 Hz, actual freq is 249.9990 Hz, precision is 2**19

reference time is DD76414A.000000D7 (15:24:58.215 UTC Sun Oct 29 2017)

clock offset is 0.00 msec, root delay is 0.00 msec

root dispersion is 0.02 msec, peer dispersion is 0.02 msec.
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    Do you know the syslog configuration in linux ???

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