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This tutorial is all about NTP Authentication configuration on cisco perform this lab i have used cisco packet tracer Lab.To ensure that erroneous time information is not propagated throughout the network, NTP authentication can be configured. (more…)

In this tutorial i am going you to explain how to configure NIS server and NIS client in Redhat Enterprise Linux.I will mention step wise clear notes with command to configure NIS Server and NIS Client in this tutorial.before configuring NIS server you must configure Yum server on your Linux Machine.Using the same method you can configure NIS server on CentOS Linux or Fedora Linux.

IN this NIS Configuration LAB:

NIS  Server IP Address: 

NIS Server Client IP Address:



This article is all about Linux System Administrator Interview question.Here i will discuss all the questions which mainly asked during Linux system admin interviews.I will highlight the questions which generally all Linux system admins have faced during his interview.


While working as a Network Engineer or Network system Administrator or as a Networking student you must have idea about the difference between two major routing protocols EIGRP and OSPF.If you know the difference you know better where to implement them and which one better for you in certain circumstances.Here in this article i am going to point out some major difference between EIGRP and OSPF Routing Protocol.