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Nowadays many networks are running on both IPv4 and IPv6.Few networks are running over IPv4 while few are working on IPv6.Although IPv6 is the future of networking but still the process of shifting network from IPv4 to IPv6 is very much slow.So until or unless every network shifted to IPv6 we need different methods to make communication between these two form of Address IPv4 and IPv6. Here in this lab we will learn how to configure static nat using ipv6 so that  IPv4 network machines can communicate through IPv6 network.


ipv6 static nat


In this tutorial we will learn to  Deploy and Configure DHCPv6 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 .It’s working very similar to DHCP Server in IPv4.

We need to create DHCPv6 POOL and named in this Lab our pool name will be LANR1. And Finally we have to tell the router interface connected with Client machines about the DHCP POOL LANR1.

DHCP for IPv6 Address Assignement

DHCPv6 configuration


IPv6 Test Paper

Total Question 1           Total Marks:200           Pass mark:50


user hemendra seating on a pc and in same network there is a FTP server,But when hemendra wants to visit the web server which is in Deepit network,  hemendra have to first go through 2002::1 interface then 2000::2 then 3000::2 then 4000::2 then 5000::2 then 6000::2 and then finally he reach the web server 2004::2
There is also a user rahul who is seating on pc 2003::2 and when he wants to go to FTP server he has to go through 2003::1 then 3000::1 then 2000::1 and then FTP server 2002::2
But when rahul wants to vist web server he has to go through 2003::1 then 4000::2 then 5000::2 then 6000::2 and then he reach web server.
When user deepit see there are two more people(pc) in rahul network deepit has decided to block other two users from accessing web server http port but allow rahul to access web server https port only. Deepit also decided to allow hemendar pc to access web server http and https port  but blocked FTP server to access web server http and https port.
After watching all this user hemendar decided to block rahul user to access ftp server but allowed other two users in hist network to access ftp server.Hemendar also decided to allow only deepit pc to ftp but blocked other pc and server in his network to access ftp server.
note:All users have atleast two routers in this lab.
atleast one router of each user configured with telnet and excpet hemndar,rahul and deepit no other PC or Server can telnet to any router.

Hint:Total network 8
It’s a multiuser Lab

http port 80

https port 443

Learn to configure ACL for Telnet on IPv6.Here in this example lab we are going to configure ACL on IPv6 for telnet service.First we will configure telnet on cisco router. Then we will configure IPv6 ACL on Router such that it allow telnet access to some hosts and block few hosts from telnet.

Here i have blocked host PC 2000::2/64 from telnet Cisco router and allowed other hosts to successfully telnet router machine. (more…)

This tutorial is all about how to configure IPv6 ACL on cisco Router.Here in this example lab we have shown ACL configuration on Cisco Router using cisco packet tracer software.Before we start configuring ACL on IPv6 i want to inform you that on IPV6 we only use Name Based Extended ACL


Here in this Lab we will learn how to configure ssh on cisco routers using IPv6.This is a Basic IPv6 Configuration Lab showing SSH configuration on router using IPv6 using cisco packet tracer.


In this tutorial we will learn how to configure IPv6 tunneling over IPv4.We configure IPv6 tunnel over IPv4 to encapsulate IPv6 traffic over IPv4 links.If you want to understand the whole mechanism you can think it as a method of transporting IPv6 packets across an IPv4 only Network.Here i have mentioned step wise method to configure IPv6 tunnel over IPv4 network in a very simple and straight forward way.


Telnet configuration on Cisco switch using IPv6. As we already Know how to configure telnet on cisco switch using IPv4,But here in this article we will configure cisco switch to work as a Telnet Server using IPv6 which is a 128 bit address.Here for IPv6 telnet Configuration i have taken Multilayer Cisco switch.To understand the IPv6 telnet Configuration you must have to go throughout this article.

ipv6 and telnet


Assign IPv6 Address on router and PC using cisco packet tracer.In this lab we will learmn how to Assign IPV6 address on Router Interfaces and PC.

To understand ipv6 address assignment we will take an example lab 1 router and 2 Computers as you can see in below network topology diagram.

Basically in this Lab you will Learn to Configure Router Interfaces for IPv6.