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First we need to understand what is Etherchannel and why we use it.Actually this is a technique in which we combine two physical interface(ethernet ports) of cisco switch and use them as one single logical  interface(port).

In this way we can combine bandwidth of  multiple ports.It also provides redundancy because if any port fails then still there is no connection loss.One port fails other port will still active and will provide communication and hence provide redundancy.

ETHERCHANNEL is actualy a port link aggregation technology or in other word you can say ETHERCHANNEL is a port-channel architecture in which you can see a bundle of multiple physical links working as a single logical link.


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If we combine fa0/3 and fa0/4 interfaces each providing bandwidth of 100Mbs.
The total bandwidth of logical port will be 200Mbs.
 This is what we call Link Aggregation.

etherchannel lab

Etherchannel technique is known as NIC Teaming in Windows and Ethernet Bridging in Linux.


When you are working as a Network Engineer or Network Administrator  the main problem you facing is the security of switch.We  can Protect switch by enabling password and console password protection but the main problem come when we think about Cisco switches Ports which are open for all.When we want to take total control of our switch port that who can access the port and who will not, then we need to configure switch port security. Switch port is a function available in cisco switch which provides facility to control and secure switches ports. (more…)

When i say NULL ROUTE or BLACK HOLE ROUTING the first thing comes in your mind is what the hell is this?

What kind of interface is this NULL 0?

What is black hole in Router?

What is need of Null route in Networking?

Who used it and why?


In this tutorial you will get all the answer and will also learn what is Null Routing ,how to configure Null routing and why we use Null routing.

In computer network NULL ROUTE(BlackHole Route) is a network route which goes nowhere.Or you can say null route or a blackhole route is a route which divert the network in a black hole from where it never come back is a type of Trash or Recycle Bin for route packets.People or company used this to drop some specific network or stop ddos attack.All traffic sent to null interface is discarded.IT person or Network Engineers used it discard traffic simply by routing it to null interface.

Note:You can filter or DROP Packet even by using ACL but Null Route is best because Access List Required More CPU overhead.



In this tutorial we will learn and try to understand the types of files in Linux and how to identify them all.Before using any operating system we must know about the types of files available in those operating system.Like other OS Linux OS also has some files and each files have different properties and assigned for different task.

Types of files in linux.

The following are the list of file types, and their associated character:

• – regular file
• d directory
• b block device
• c character device
• l symbolic link
• s socket link, also called a Unix networking socket
• p first-in first-out (FIFO) buffer, also called a named pipe


In this tutorial we will learn CISCO IOS basics. we will learn about the types of memory used in cisco devices like cisco routers and cisco switches.We will also focus on Cisco IOS Boot Process. We wil Learn how IOS is loaded in memory of cisco devices and different modes of Routers and switches.

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