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Here in this lab we will see how to easily configure your cisco router to work as multiple DHCP SERVER.To perform this lab i have here used Cisco Packet Tracer Software and using packet Tracer lab i will show you an example to configure multiple DHCP Server on single Router. Here in this Lab Router0 will work as multiple DHCP Server. So now it’s time to perform the lab step wise in few simple steps. (more…)

In this tutorial we are going to build our own customize kernel for our RedHat Enterprise Linux.Before we go further i love to remind you that we will do all these process as root user and all the commands will be performed inside your linux kernel Directory which is located inside /usr/src folder. (more…)

In this tutorial we will learn about user and group management in linux.We will learn how to add and delete user and groups in linux.We will also learn how add multiple users and groups through simple script or program.Our this article contains linux user database and password related information.We will also see how to display or check password status of any linux user and how to set password expiry date for any linux user.Not only this we will also learn how to set account expiry date and set user to be inactive after certain number of inactive days.There are many more in this article and to gain all you have to go through this article. (more…)

In this tutorial we will learn how to configure advance permissions using ACL(Access Control List).

In this article we will learn following:

1.How to check the ACL on files or folders using getfacl command.
2.How to identify files/directories that have ACL.
3.How to set ACL on specif files or Folders.
4.How to create the same ACL on all newly created files automatically.
5.How to remove particular ACL entry.
6.How to remove all ACL entries from a file or folder.

Before starting this lab  we will create some users some groups and some files and folders in linux to test acl command and show it with examples.


In this tutorial we will learn how to create our own antivirus program to detect an delete any virus we fed up in our Antivirus Database.As we all know Antivirus are actually programs which have potential to detect wide range of dangerous programs also know as virus.

Here in this tutorial we will manually create a virus and them put them inside a folder or drive and then we write an anitivirus program to detect that virus and delete them.

antivirus coding