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If you are a gamer or you are geek but loves to play games some times and you find your PC or LAPTOP little slower then this article is for you. Whenever you play games and face that your PC getting slow the first thing comes in your mind is to change or update your hardware.But there are lots of things you must do before
upgrading and changing your hardware which can boost up your PC and you can play games even without updating or changing your system hardware.

Now read carefully what you have to do before you start playing games.I am gong to mention few points and you have to follow it if you dont want to upgrade your PC or Laptop.


NFS(Network File System) is a distribute File System Protocol which is used to share data over network.We configure a Linux Machine as a NFS Server and the data get stored on SERVER Machine and then get distributed to different linux client machines over network. Here in this tutorial we will learn how to configure that NFS server in RedHat Enterprise Linux  and then also learn what to do at client side to access data shared by NFS server over network. (more…)

This is a ccna lab based test in which 7 students are involved and it is a combined test paper.When i say Combined test paper it means every users lab depend on each other.So if some one fails to do the lab then he/she will fails others too.So you can say this is a teamwork. You have to support each other and do the task step wise in some easy steps. Read the task carefully before start

ccna cisco packet tracer combined lab test including dhcp dns ftp smtp pop http https multiuser concept. (more…)

This article is all about Paytm QR CODE it’s generation and it’s security but before i write anything about PAYTM I want to make you all clear that I DO NOT work for Paytm nor am I associated with the company in any way.
I used to test QR CODES using QR CODE READER and QR CODE GENERATOR SOFTWARES and other different QR Code
Management tool that allows people to create, design, manage, and track QR Code.


 In this tutorial we will learn how to manually fail a device used in raid and how to add a new to device to existing raid. we will also learn how to use spare device and how to stop and remove software raid completely from our linux machine. But before we starting removing any devices from existing  raid device first check the built topology of created raid.check the number of disk and name of disk used in raid as active device and find out the device name used as spare device using below linux command line tools. (more…)

This tutorial is all about software raid-1 creation in linux.We will learn how to configure software raid-1 in linux having spare devices.In this lab we are going to use RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 to configure software raid-1 with spare device.We use spare device as a reserved disk which is used only when any of disk used in raid-1 failed.

As we know RAID-1 needs minimum of two disk and when any of disk among those two failed or crashes spare device replaces itself with that failed device or disk.

raid1 configuration in linux