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This tutorial is all about how to write compile and run java program in redhat enterprise linux.Here i have mentioned all steps which is essential to run a java program in linux.Before you go through this tutorial let me remind you all that i assume that you have already configured yum server on your redhat enterprise linux machine or you already have idea about how to configure yum server in linux.

If you don’t have idea about how to configure yum server on linux watch this video.

So let’s begin writing compiling and running java on linux.


Most of IT guys learning CCNA and one common question arises in everyone’s mind and that is
what will be their role in company after completing CCNA?
What will be their job profie?
Is doing CCNA is safe or not?
What is career in CCNA?
Where we will be after 5 years if started career in CCNA?
What is the salary of a CCNA Fresher?
What will be salary after 2 year experience?
Do we need any other certification or training with CCNA? if yes then which one?
Which is best for career CCNA or LINUX?

In this article you will get approx answer of almost all above questions.