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Whenever we talks about cisco routers and how to set clock or accurate time on routers it becomes so important because a variety of services depend on it. We need to monitor our routers and secure our routers through server configuration.We use to configure syslog server for monitoring routers log and incident happening over routers.The logging service shows each log entry with the date and time and all details which are directly or indirectly related to NTP Server.It becomes very critical if you’re trying to track a specific incident or troubleshoot a problem.

 Cisco routers have two types of clocks :
  1. A battery-powered hardware clock, referenced as the ‘calendar’ in the IOS CLI, and
  2. a software clock, referenced as the ‘clock’ in the IOS CLI.
The software clock is the primary source for time data and runs from the moment the system is up and running. The software clock can be updated from a number of sources.
Now to show ntp server-client configuration i have taken below topology diagram. (more…)

In this tutorial we will learn how to configure STATIC NAT in router using cisco packet tracer.To show you how to configure static nat on routers here i am using cisco packet tracer software to demonstrate the lab with an example.

Using NAT we can hide real ip address,we can translate private ip address to public ip address and vice versa.As we all know in internet only public ip addresses are used and some ip in every class has been reserved for use in LOCAL AREA CONNECTION say LAN and these ranges of ip are known as Private IP Address.Private Addresses can only be used in LAN and it can’t be used in internet.But our PC with private address can communicate with PC or Machine having public ip address using NAT(Network Address Translation). (more…)