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In this tutorial we will learn how to configure router as a terminal server or an access server.Here in below diagram Router0 is working as a terminal server or you can say an access server.

So what this actually mean?

It means if a client seating on PC0 will try to login to router r1, r2,r3,r4 or r5 he/she cannot be able to access these routers directly,he/she must have to go through Router0 which is an access server.

router as terminal server




In this lab we will learn to configure voip over cisco routers.This is a basic lab showing voip configuration in cisco packet tracer.If you are preparing for ccna voice this article will be very helpful for you.Using an example topology diagram here i have shown step wise configuration of voip lab. (more…)

Here i am going to write a list of Linux Admin Interview Questions.If you are reading this article I will request you to add more questions to it using comment sections and if possible also  write correct answers of these questions,In this way you can help thousands of  people who are trying to start their career in linux admin field.

What is vps?
What is mbr?
boot process of linux?
How to check ram in cache?
What is difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption?
What is ip?
difference b/w shell and terminal?
Why linux is secure?
Why we use samba?


In this lab we will learn how to connect one packet tracer lab with other packet tracer lab.Say we will learn to use multiuser function in cisco packet tracer.To show multiuser function of cisco packet tracer i have taken an example lab showing full multiuser functionality of cisco packet tracer.

I have taken two LAN in different packet tracer LAN1 and LAN2 and using multiuser i have make the computers of both lan located in two different network and two different packet tracer to communicate with each other. (more…)