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Static routing Lab in cisco packet tracer:This is a static routing lab showing you how to configure static route on cisco router.To show routing configuration i have used cisco packet tracer here.Here i have taken 5 routers R1,R2,R3,R4 and R5 and 10 Network to demonstrate static routing configuration Lab.In this lab i have not mentioned how to assign ip address on routers interfaces,I assume that you already know it and if you don’t you can read my other articles to learn that.

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Suppose you  want to administer login ID and password information centrally for all routers. i.e your all routers get authentication from a central server.I am not saying that it is not possible to store all information locally on router but if you have a large number of routers,it is extremely time consuming to reconfigure all the routers for a password change or to simply add a new user.So instead of doing the time consuming work we use TACACS+ for AAA authentication.There is a huge benefit of using TACACS+ SERVER for authentication,one of them is that after using TACACS+ authentication none of information is stored on the router. (more…)

In this tutorial we learn how to secure a router even without knowing how to configure telnet or how to enable password on routers.Even if you are new to networking and you dont have idea about how to configure your router securely, you can easily provide security to your router.There is no need to read the whole book on router just to learn how to secure it.Cisco introduced the autosecure feature to quickly harden router configuration files in an automated fashion.

Now what does this autosecure feauture actually do?

autosecure disables common router features that might pose a security while enabling other IOS features that will assist to harden the router. (more…)