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In this article we will learn how to configure a router to work as a DHCP SERVER for computers or printers or any end devices connected with different Router and located in a different network.So in below diagram you can see the topology which i have created in cisco packet tracer and now i am going to  configure Router R1 such that it will act as a DHCP SERVER for machines connected with Router R2. I mean i will configure router R1 in such a way that it can automatically assign ip addresses to PC2 and PC3 which are connected with router R2 and in a different network.Hence in this article you will see one router is acting as a dhcp server for pc connected with other router.

Here i assume that you people already know how to assign ip address on router interfaces and you have also knowledge of routing.If you are new and you don’t know how to configure ip address on router interface and you have no idea about routing then you can read my other articles in CCNA section.

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This article is just for fun to CCNA Learning students or networking learner.But with fun you can learn how to configure static routing to such topology and how to decide how many networks are in this topology.Since i have been providing CCNA TRAINING from last 5 years i have seen that so many ccna learning students get confused when i insert switches between routers.They failed to decide correct number of network and what should be the ip address of interfaces of routers.Thats why i have decided to write articles on all such topology with configurations so that students get benefited from it.If any one of you have any topology like this which is complicated and which bothers you, you can send the topology diagram to me and i will answer your question with configuration here. (more…)

This tutorial is all about LVM SNAPSHOT .Please Don’t think that it is a substitute of media backup,no it’s not.LVM Snapshot features provides the ability to  create virtual images of device at a particular instant without causing any service interruption. so you can also say that Snapshot copies of a file system are just a virtual copy and not a media backup for file system.snapshot features requires a minimal amount of storage.3-5% of the original capacity is enough to store and maintain snapshot data.

Now what happen when change is made to original device after a snapshot is taken?

Answer is snapshot features make a copy of the changed data area as it was prior to the changes so that it can reconstruct the state of the device.


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