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In this article i will show you all the different methods and tricks to lock and unlock users in linux.For testing this lab i am using RedHat Enterprise Linux.If you are a linux admin or a linux learner you must know how to unlock locked users in linux and also you must have idea about all the methodology to lock a user in linux.

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In this article i will mention all those users locking tricks step wise along with method to unlock them.


Learn how to configure ssh on a switch.ssh is used to remote login  to a device pc server switch or router securely.The difference between ssh and telnet is that in telnet username and password is sent on line in simple text form while in ssh it is encrypted and hence make ssh more secure. (more…)

Learn how to configure telnet on a switch.We configure telnet services on a switch or a router to access it from anywhere remotely.Suppose you are in London and the switch you want to configure,manage and monitor is in New Delhi then you can monitor and manage your switch remotely through telnet without going physicaly to new delhi.So telnet is basically a remote login program which helps us to manage any device remotely. (more…)

Learn how to configure static routing using serial port on cisco routers.This is a basic Lab to show you how to configure static routing on cisco router using serial interfaces like se0/0/0 or se0/0/1.This is little bit different from  static routing done using fast ethernet port, because now you have to assign clock rate on on of it interface which will be DCE.

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Router as a multiple DHCP SERVER

Posted: 28 Mar 2015 in CCNA

Learn how to configure multiple dhcp server on single router.See the below lab diagram and learn how to configure more than one DHCP pool on a router.After reading this article you will be able to configure multiple dhcp server on a single router. (more…)

This article is all about how to configure static routing and at the same time create and configure dhcp pool on each routers to provide ip address to their related devices.In this lab i will show you how to configure static routing and also how to use each routers to assign ip address to the pc in their network dynamicaly through DHCP Server.Here we will configure DHCP Server on routers. (more…)

This is a tutorial showing you how to configure switch for various task.In this article you will learn how to assign hostname to a switch,how to setup motd banner on switch,DNSLOOKUP for switch along with some more configuration related tips and tweaks on cisco switches.This tutorial will help you to understand witch configuration and will be helpful for networking related jobs and interviews.It will also helps you a lot if you are preparing for CCNA Certification exam. (more…)

This is a simple lab in which i am going to show you how to configure static routing using three routers.If you are preparing for ccna certification exam this article will make your routing concept clear and make you able to configure any complicated type static routing very easy.

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Here in this article i am going to show you how to configure static routing.To show you how to configure static routing i have taken an example lab you can see in below image. (more…)

This tutorial is all about how to configure,secure and optimize Firefox browser.What you have to do is to just open your firefox browser and in URL type below commands.It is possible to configure your browser to work according to your need and requirements.

This is a list of “about” pages for your convenience.

Some of them might be confusing. Some are for diagnostic purposes only. And some are omitted because they require query strings.


Everyone must know this

Posted: 24 Mar 2015 in CCNA

Understand Networking Basics:

¤ 1 Bit = Binary Digit
¤ 8 Bits = 1 Byte
¤ 1024 Bytes = 1 Kilobyte
¤ 1024 Kilobytes = 1Megabyte
¤ 1024 Megabytes = 1Gigabyte
¤ 1024 Gigabytes = 1Terabyte
¤ 1024 Terabytes = 1Petabyte
¤ 1024 Petabytes = 1Exabyte
¤ 1024 Exabytes = 1Zettabyte (more…)

First of all you need to understand what the hell is this Apache Virtual Hosting?

Answer is simple and staright forward. setting up more then One Host/Site over Single Server is called Virtual Hosting.

There are mainly two types of Virtual Hosting :

1) Name Based Virtual Hosting
2) IP Based Virtual Hosting (more…)

Here in this article i am going to mentions a  small script to convert octal number to decimal numbers. We are going to test this script in linux.I have tested it on RedHat Linux. (more…)

IP and Subnetting Problems:(Solve this to test your networking  skill)

If you are a ccna students or preparing for ccna certification exam or you want to start your career in field of Networking,the core concept of IP Addresses and Subnetting is must for you.


TOTAL MARKS:500          PASS MARKS:300          EXCELLENT MARKS:450                 DURATION:3hrs

This tutorial is all about configuration of router to connect two different network.
For example here i have taken two ip from different network.First ip is from network and other ip from network.Now these ip cannot ping each other using hub or switch because they belongs to two different network.
So to make two machine from different network communicate each other we need to use router.Here in this article i will show you how to communicate using routers. (more…)

Linux Test Paper for Linux Admins and Linux Learning Students

[1]Solve and brief: 10*5=50 Marks

(a)Explain all the possible commands to lock/unlock,enable/disable and secure a user in linux.

(b)What are all possible way to secure your grub?

(c)How to change hashing algorithm of your linux machine,show it by implementing it on one of your linux users.

(d)How to secure your terminal?how to lock/unlock your terminal?How to make an user automatically login on terminal 16 and how you will go to terminal 16?

(e)Draw Flow chart Diagram showing data distribution With Basic Commands of RAID 601.

(f) How to apply usb security in Linux?

(g)show atleast three different methods to lock and unlock users in linux?

(h)show avg antivirus setup,configuration with it,s configuration file in Linux Server.

(e)Show malware Detection tool setup and malware detection method in Linux Machines.

(g)Show rootkits scanning process on Linux Machine.

(h)Show how to Audit a Linux Server

(e) Explain the Files/Folders with Path where Linux Store it’s Log Files.

(g)Show Implementation of TCPWRAPPER to allow a certain network for all service but block one ip of that network from accessing ssh.

(h)Block ip from accessing telnet service using iptables.

(i)How to setup autologin in a Linux Server?

(j)Why a linux machine always getting rebooted everytime we on it? how you will fix this issue?



[2]Solve this Problem: 40 Mraks

We have eight user A B C D E F G and H, and user A and B belongs to AB group whereas user C and D belongs to CD group.We have a file inside/ home/tiwary/rasagulla directory name satish.txt whose user owner is E and whose group owner is AB. User owner of the file have full permission to read write and execute and group owner have permission to read write except user B who has only read permission.And others have only read permission except user H who have read write and execute permission.Group CD has read permission except user D who have write permission too.But non of user have right to delete the file.And the file is protected with a password.

Note1:This file resides in a folder where a swap file is also resides side by side. And these both files resides on a logical volume “lv11” and this lv11 resides on a volume group vg00.

Note2: initial there was two volume group vg00 and vg11,and after merging these two volume groups we have now one and final volume group left named vg00.

Note3:volume group vg00 resides on a RAID5 device named /dev/md5 which is created over loop devices.


[3] Configure IP Based with space 1GB,Name Based with space 500MB and PORT Based Virtual Hosting with 400MB space with Redundancy and with easy access on client machine through NFS.

30 Marks


[4] show implementation of following: 30 Marks

  1. IP based Security
  2. Network Based Security
  3. PORT based Security
  4. Connection Based Security
  5. Time Based Security
  6. Bind security
  7. For Telnet and TFTP Server.



Total Marks=150
Passing Marks= 80

Test Paper for Linux system admins.

[1]Solve and brief: 4*15=60 Marks

WebDesigning,Web Development & Web Hosting

[1]Explain step wise installation of XAMPP inside Linux and also show how to design an university web site using WordPress. Also show how to host a folder using python.                    40 Marks


Advance Linux and System Security Test (A question Paper for Adavance user)



This is a test paper or practice paper for students preparing for RHCSA and  RHCE certification exams.In this section i have mentioned only RAId and LVM related questions asked during interviews or during RHCE exams.It will help you to understand the RAID and LVM concept in depth and learn the technology in better way.You can test your skill by solving these problems. (more…)