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In this article i will show you all the different methods and tricks to lock and unlock users in linux.For testing this lab i am using RedHat Enterprise Linux.If you are a linux admin or a linux learner you must know how to unlock locked users in linux and also you must have idea about all the methodology to lock a user in linux.

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In this article i will mention all those users locking tricks step wise along with method to unlock them.


Learn how to configure ssh on a switch.ssh is used to remote login  to a device pc server switch or router securely.The difference between ssh and telnet is that in telnet username and password is sent on line in simple text form while in ssh it is encrypted and hence make ssh more secure. (more…)

Learn how to configure telnet on a switch.We configure telnet services on a switch or a router to access it from anywhere remotely.Suppose you are in London and the switch you want to configure,manage and monitor is in New Delhi then you can monitor and manage your switch remotely through telnet without going physicaly to new delhi.So telnet is basically a remote login program which helps us to manage any device remotely. (more…)

Learn how to configure static routing using serial port on cisco routers.This is a basic Lab to show you how to configure static routing on cisco router using serial interfaces like se0/0/0 or se0/0/1.This is little bit different from  static routing done using fast ethernet port, because now you have to assign clock rate on on of it interface which will be DCE.

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Router as a multiple DHCP SERVER

Posted: 28 Mar 2015 in CCNA

Learn how to configure multiple dhcp server on single router.See the below lab diagram and learn how to configure more than one DHCP pool on a router.After reading this article you will be able to configure multiple dhcp server on a single router. (more…)